Events and conventions

An elegant, whimsical building filled with live representations of symbolic and historical individuals make this location a unique framework for holding events and conferences. 

The building was constructed from 1883 under the direction of Cristóbal Cascante, with building plans by Joan Martorell. From 1889 on, more modernistic decoration was added under the direction of Luis Domenèch and Montaner to temper the severity of the original building. The building contains paintings by Eduardo Llorents, Juan LLimona and José M. Tamborín. Its eclectic architecture and splendour fuse both the gothic and mudejar styles. A work of art that presents a harmonious composition by combining, brick, stonework and masonry.

The large shapes inside the building give it its modernistic appeal; theme-based architecture, the constant presence of natural motifs, floral capitals, fantastic animals, aquatic motifs and the interior coating of glazed ceramic tile work.


The Vestibule and Stairway

Assembly Room

Old Library


Cloister, Interior Patio


Multipurpose rooms

Conferences room

Exhibition Hall