2018 schedule

In this section you can check all spanish courses programming:

Course name Dates Mode
Spanish for secondary school Starting every Monday
Spanish for Asian students First Monday of the month
Online Spanish courses
Spanish courses: language and culture for all levels From October to May:
Start first Monday of the month

From June to September:
Start every Monday
Spanish and surf April, May and June:
Start first Monday of the month

July, August and September:
Start every Monday
Tailor-made courses Starting every Monday
Creation and management of a language center From 2nd to 29th November
DELE preparation course COURSES (start - end)
01/02/21 - 18/02/21
22/03/21 - 08/04/21
03/05/21 - 21/05/21
21/06/21 - 08/07/21
23/08/21 - 09/09/21
20/09/21 - 07/10/21
25/10/21 - 12/11/21
University Master’s Degree in Teaching SFL
Degree in Hispanic Studies
University Specialist in Spanish as a Foreign Language
Especialista universitario en enseñanza de español para niños y adolescentes Del 24 de enero al 25 de febrero
Especialista universitario en aprendizaje digital para el aula de Español como Lengua Extranjera Del 28 de febrero al 1 de abril
Especialista universitario en enseñanza de español de la salud Del 25 de abril al 3 de junio