Finances, Business and Trade

CIESE-Comillas (International Center for Higher Spanish Studies) has developed an innovative and highly specialized training program to teach Spanish to finance and business professionals and entrepreneurs. We are aware that the specialized language used in these fields requires adjustment to the needs of each specialist.


The courses are intended for professionals from finances, business  and entrepreneurs, as well as graduate and post-graduate students of this subject matter or related subjects.

The CIESE-Comillas academic team will always carry out an exhaustive study of the student's specific learning profile, through the analysis of needs and the diagnosis of their language level. In this way, the teaching program will be adapted to the best interests and priorities and will create a tailor-made program focused on aspects such as:
Banking and finance, business management and administration, business culture and communication, foreign trade, economic, business and commercial law or marketing, corporate image and business communication.

Characteristics of the courses

The minimum duration of course modules is one week, which can be extended at the request of the student. They consist of 3 stages:

  • Needs analysis and linguistic and professional assessment
  • Spanish for specific purposes: Introduction to the different  areas of the corporate and business sector particular to the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Immersion in the professional environment through collaborating institutions 

These phases can include several hours of lectures and seminars taught in Spanish and an active professional immersion in collaboration with Banco Santander.


At CIESE-Comillas, our challenge is for the qualified professional to achieve a mastery of the Spanish language adapted to specific purposes that serve as a tool to become an efficient multicultural speaker with special skills for business negotiation and communication. All this is achieved by:

  • Personalized attention for each student and the adaptation of the course to each group
  • Real participation of the students in entrepreneurial activities, accompanied by a professional from the sector
  • Reinforcement of the specific aspects pertaining to the world of finances, business and companies.
  • Approaching the reality of the entrepreneurial and trading world within a Spanish-speaking environment

CLASSROOM without walls

This innovative academic proposal by CIESE-Comillas has been developed in collaboration with the centers that are included in the Classroom Without Walls. Noteworthy is the participation of the Santander Group, the Cantabria Chamber of Commerce and SODERCAN.

Both the specific contents and direct experience through the inclusion in the financial and entrepreneurial environment constitute the core of our courses and are in keeping with the hallmarks of our institution: excellence and commitment.