New resources for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL)


From 6th to 25th July


3 weeks (45 hours)


Until one week before the start of the course



The sarea of the Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) is in constant evolution and innovation, That is why the professor must know the new tools and strategies to be successful in its clases. In this course the last pedagogic trends will be analyzed,
We will present samples of new teaching materials or reflect on novel ways of bringing the cultural component to the classroom, all through a practical methodology of the specialist teachers.


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  • To check approaches on the knowledge and acquisition of the Spanish as foreign language.
  • To go deeply into methodological fundamental aspects of the education of the Spanish to foreigners.
  • To analyze different linguistic aspects of the Spanish that contain difficulty for the speakers of other languages.
  • To acquire technologies to integrate the cultural component in SFL's classroom.
  • To establish criteria to value the adequacy of certain resources for SFL's education.
  • To apply technologies of correction of mistakes to the production of the students of foreign language.



Students who have participated in this course will receive a certificate of attendance and achievement issued by the Comillas Foundation.