DELE preparation course


COURSES (start - end)
27/01/20 - 13/02/20
30/03/20 - 16/04/20
27/04/20 - 15/05/20
22/06/20 - 09/07/20
24/08/20 - 10/09/20
14/09/20 - 01/10/20
26/10/20 - 13/11/20


3 weeks


Until one week before the start of the course


680 €
Price includes enrollment in the course and the material used (not including registration fees DELE)

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DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official qualification with permanent validity, internationally recognized, accrediting the level of Spanish. Earning this diploma will help your admission into university programs along with scholarships and jobs, while facilitating travel in academics and a professional career. The Comillas Foundation, a centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute as a Spanish as a Second Language DELE examination centre, offers specific courses for preparing these tests. 


Our courses are aimed at foreign students that need to prepare for their DELE exams and/or want to take the exams (all levels).


The Comillas Foundation organizes 3-week courses (60 hours) for small groups (maximum of 8 students), with the aim of offering personalized attention and for our students to score as high as possible on the exams. In case there is only one student enrolled in the course, lessons will be reduced to 15 hours per week and it will be taught as one to one lessons.

The teachers, specialists in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, use educational material specifically published for preparing DELE exams, along with other complementary resources that may help resolve specific questions during the course. This way, the students receive a wide range of situations for communication in order to develop the skills and abilities required of the exams.


These courses´ aims are for students to consolidate their knowledge of the required skills for each level, to become familiar with the different tests and to acquire effective exam taking techniques.


For more information on the DELE exams, visit the Cervantes Institute webpage:

For more information on the registration procedure for the DELE exam visit: