Tenders and bids

contests and biddings

The Comillas Foundation of Spanish and Hispanic Culture ( Comillas Foundation ) have created a portal to access the specific administrative clauses and technical requirements that must govern any open , restricted or negotiated procedure .
These sheets are established for the adjudication of contracts, and across this portal you will be able to consult the contracts programmed for the next months, the awarded contracts and the condition in which they are at that moment (already be provisional or definitive).


In order to ensure transparency and public access to information related to its contracting activities, and notwithstanding the use of other means of publicity when so required by the Public Sector Contracting Law or regional regulations that implement it or if voluntarily decided to do so, the contracting bodies will post their Contractor's Profile on the Internet. The method for accessing the contractor’s profile will be specified on the institutional website maintained by public sector organizations, on the Spanish government’s contracting platform and in the tender announcements and conditions.

The profile of contractors of the Sociedad de Activos Inmobiliarios Campus Comillas (SAICC) will include data and information related to the contracting body's contracting activity, such as announcements regarding background information, contracting procedures that are open or in progress and documentation for them, scheduled contracting, contracts awarded, cancelled procedures and the provisional awarding of contracts; likewise, any other useful information of a general nature may be included, such as points of contact and means of communication that may be used to communicate with the contracting body.