Research and development

International Campus of Cantabria

International Campus of Cantabria is a project based on institutional and entrepreneurial cooperation with the intention of contributing to the transformation of the Autonomous Region of Cantabria into a knowledge-based region.

Comillas Chair

The Comillas Chair is a University Chair created in 2009 by the Comillas Foundation and the University of Cantabria to promote and develop the Language and Heritage studies area of the International Campus of Cantabria and develop outstanding teaching and research programs in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture fields.


Academically, the CIESE–Comillas is organized into departments and fields of study. The departments are the basic entities responsible for organizing, developing and coordinating the instructional, research and dissemination tasks for one or more fields of knowledge, in accordance with the Center’s academic program.

Lines of research

The CIESE – Comillas supports research in all fields related to the teaching and learning of Spanish, including the areas of Hispanic culture, Spanish for immigrants and Spanish for Specific Purposes.

Groups and projects

Main research projects leading CIESE-Comillas in the field of the study of Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Teaching Innovation Projects

Events, seminars and conventions

In this section you can see the history of all events, seminars and conferences have been held in the Comillas Foundation.

Publications and journals

Publications and journals - Spanish courses in Spain. Study in CIESE Comillas University, language school in Spain.

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