Convocatoria 2015


The purpose of this public announcement is to communicate the scholarship program offered by the Comillas Foundation for its official graduate and post-graduate university studies at the International Center for Higher Spanish Studies (CIESE – Comillas).

degree scholarship program

Public call for students of the degree in Hispanic Studies

Term of notice of scholarships (academic course 2015-2016): From July 22 to September 10, 2015.

Call for new students in the Degree in Hispanic Studies

Period of notice of scholarships ( academic year 2015-2016 ) : From June 19 to July 5, 2015 

Program of scholarships of practices for students of the Degree in Hispanic Studies. Public summons of the Comillas Foundation and the Santander

Term of summons of scholarships (academic course 2014-2015): on April 27 to May 11, 2015.


Public summons for new entry in SFL Master

Term of summons of scholarships (academic course 2015-2016): From June 29 to July 13, 2015

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