Profiles and professional exits


Applicant Profile

The recommended applicant profile for the undergraduate degree in Hispanic Studies corresponds to students with a high school diploma and an interest in the humanities and linguistics, a good memory, capacity for comprehension, interest in Spanish and Latin American culture and literature, good written expression skills, capacity for synthesis, a talent for languages, capacity for reasoning and abstraction and an interest in reading, as well as having imagination, creativity and the capacity for reflection.

Our degree has no cut-off mark. All those students who have overcome the university  entrance tests are able to access the studies.


The professional exits of these graduates include diverse areas of the language and the culture of the hispanic world.

Specifically, the main career of these graduates are:

Field of Education

  • Teacher
  • Teacher of SFL
  • Investigation and development

Field of Communication

  • Translation and linguistic advice
  • Media and publishers

Cultural  Area

  • Linguistic and cultural Mediation
  • Cultural Management and Tourism

International scope

  • International Relations and Geopolitics
  • Diplomatic representation
The graduates can continue their education in the CIESE, specializing in the following lines:
  • Degree in Hispanic Studies
  • Masters in Hispanic Studies (planned)
  • Master in SFL
  • PhD in Hispanic Studies (planned)

Moreover , the graduate in Hispanic Studies may also engage in teaching in secondary education . Therefore, other possible specializations for the graduate is conducting a master's degree in secondary education.

University teacher training programs for secondary education

Requirements for the verification of the securities linked to regulated professions

Secondary Education Professor and Baccalaureate , Vocational Training and Language Teaching

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